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1064. Poultry, Game, &c.

A small capon, fowl, or chicken requires020
A large fowl045
A capon, full size035
A goose10
Wild ducks, and grouse015
Pheasants, and turkey poults020
A moderate sized turkey, stuffed115
A hare, or rabbitabout10
Leg of pork, 14 hour for each pound, and above that allowance020
Chine of pork, as for leg, and020
A neck of mutton130
A haunch of venisonabout330

1065. Roasting, by causing the Contraction of the cellular substance which contains the fat, expels more fat than boiling. The free escape of watery particles in the form of vapour, so necessary to produce flavour, must be regulated by frequent basting with the fat which has exuded from the meat, combined with a little salt and water--otherwise the meat would burn, and become hard and tasteless. A brisk fire at first will, by charring the outside, prevent the heat from penetrating, and therefore should only be employed when the meat is half roasted.

1066. The Loss by Roasting is said to vary from 14 3/5ths to nearly double that rate per cent. The average loss on roasting butcher's meat is 22 per cent. : and on domestic poultry, 20½.

1067. The Loss per Cent. on Roasting Beef, viz., on sirloins and ribs together is 19 1/6th; on mutton, viz. Legs and shoulders together, 24 4/5ths, on fore-quarters of lamb, 22 1/3rd; on ducks, 27 1/5th; on turkeys, 20½; on geese, 19½; on chickens, 14 3/5ths. So that it will be seen by comparison with the percentage given of the loss by boiling, that roasting is not so economical; especially when we take into account that the loss of weight by boiling is not actual loss of economic materials, for we then possess the principal ingredients for soups; whereas, after roasting, the fat only remains. The average loss in boiling and roasting together is 18 per cent. according to Donovan, and 28 per cent. according to Wallace--a difference that may be accounted for by supposing a difference in the fatness of the meat, duration and degree of heat, &c., employed.

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