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120. Euchre, which is founded on Ecarté, and is the national game of the United States, is played with a pack of cards from which the twos, threes, fours, fives, and sixes have been withdrawn. In the Euchre pack the cards rank as at Whist, with this exception--the knave of trumps, called the Right Bower, and the other knave of the same colour, known as the Left Bower, take precedence over the rest of the trumps. Thus, when hearts are trumps, the cards rank thus:- Knave of hearts, knave of diamonds, ace, king, queen, ten, nine, eight, and seven of hearts. When diamonds are trumps, the knave is right bower, and the knave of hearts left bower; and in like manner the knaves of spades and clubs become right and left bower, when the black suits are trumps.--In Four-Handed Euchre, two play against two, and the tricks taken by both partners count for points.

121. Rules for Euchre.

i. The players cut for deal; the higher card cut dealing.

ii. The cards are dealt by twos and threes, each player having five.

iii. The eleventh card is turned up for trumps.

iv. Five points constitute game.

v. The player winning three or four tricks marks one point; winning five tricks, two points.

vi. When the first player considers his hand strong enough to score, he can order it up--that is, he can oblige the dealer to discard one of his cards and take up the trump in its stead.

vii. When the first player does not find his hand strong enough, he may pass--"I pass;" with the view of changing the suit.

viii. In case of the first player "ordering it up," the game begins by his playing a card, to which the dealer must follow suit or trump, or throw away. The winner of the trick then leads: and so on till all the five cards in each hand are played.

ix. If the playr order up the trump and fail to make three tricks, he is euchred, and his opponent marks two tricks.

x. If the dealer, not being strong enough, passes, the dealer can say, "I play," and take the trump into his own hand; but, as before, if he fail to score, he is euchred.

xi. If both players pass, the first has the privilege of altering the trump, and the dealer is compelled to play. Should the first player fail to score, he is euchred.

xii. If he pass for the second time, the dealer can alter the trump, with the same penalty if he fail to score.

xiii. When trumps are led and you cannot follow suit, you must play the left bower if you have it, to win the trick. The score is marked as in Ecarté, by each side with a two and three.

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