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197. Proper Pronunciations of Words often Wrongly Pronounced.

Again, usually pronounced a-gen, not as spelled.

Alien, a-li-en, not ale-yen.

Antipodes, an-tip-o-dees.

Apostle, as a-pos'l, without the t.

Arch, artch in compounds of our own language, as in archbishop, archduke; but ark in words derived from the Greek, as archaic, ar-ka-ik; archæology, ar-ke-ol-o-gy; archangel, ark-ain-gel; archetype, ar-ke-type; archiepiscopal, ar-ke-e-pis-co-pal; archipelago, ar-ke-pel-a-go; archives, ar-kivz, &c.

Asia, a sha.

Asparagus as spelled, not asparagrass.

Aunt, ant, not awnt.

Awkward, awk-wurd, not awk-urd.

Bade, bad.

Because, be-cawz, not be-cos.

Been, bin.

Beloved, as a verb, be-luvd; as an adjective, be-luv-ed. Blessed, cursed, &c., are subject to the same rule.

Beneath, with the th in breath, not with the th in breathe.

Biog'raphy, as spelled, not beography.

Buoy, boy, not bwoy.

Canal', as spelled, not ca-nel.

Caprice, capreece.

Catch, as spelled, not ketch.

Chaos, ka-oss.

Charlatan, shar-latan.

Chasm, kazm.

Chasten, chasn.

Chivalry, shiv-alry.

Chemistry, kem'-is-tre, not kim-is-tre.

Choir, kwire.

Clerk, klark.

Combat, kum-bat.

Conduit, kun-dit.

Corps, kor: the plural corps is pronounced korz.

Covetous, cuv-e-tus, not cuv-e-chus.

Courteos, curt-yus.

Courtesy (politeness), cur-te-sey.

Courtesy (a lowering of the body), curt-sey.

Cresses, as spelled, not cree-ses.

Cu'riosity, cu-re-os-e-ty, not curosity.

Cushion, coosh-un, not coosh-in.

Daunt, dawnt, not dant or darnt, as some erroneously pronounce it.

Design and desist have the sound of s, not of z.

Desire should have the sound of z.

Despatch, de-spatch, not dis-patch.

Dew, due, not doo.

Diamond, as spelled, not di-mond.

Diploma, de-plo-ma, not dip-lo-ma.

Diplomacy, de-plo-ma-cy, not dip-lo-ma-cy.

Direct, de-reckt, not di-rect.

Divers (several), di-verz; but diverse (different), di-verse.

Dome, as spelled, not doom.

Drought, drowt, not drawt.

Duke, as spelled, not dook.

Dynasty, dyn-as-te, not dy-nas-ty.

Edict, e-dickt, not ed-ickt.

E'en and e'er, een and air.

Egotism, eg-o-tizm, not e-go-tism.

Either, e-ther or i-ther.

Engine, en-jin, not in-jin.

Ensign, en-sign; ensigncy, en-sine-se.

Epistle, without the t.

Epitome, e-pit-o-me.

Epoch, e-pock, not ep-ock.

Equinox, e-qui-nox, not eq-kwe-nox.

Europe, U-rope, not U-rup. Euro-pe-an, not Eu-ro-pean.

Every, ev-er-y, not ev-ry.

Executor, egz-ec-utor, not with the sound of x.

Extraordinary, as spelled, not ex-tror-di-ner-i, or ex-traordinary, nor extrornarey.

February, as spelled, not Febuary.

Finance, fe-nance, not finance.

Foundling, as spelled, not fond-ling.

Garden, gar-dn, not gar-den, nor gard-ing.

Gauntlet, gawnt-let, not gant-let.

Geography, as spelled, not jography, or gehography.

Haunt, hawnt, not hant.

Height, hite, not highth.

Heinous, hay-nus, not hee-nus.

Highland, hi-land, not hee-land.

Horizon, ho-ri-zn, not hor-i-zon.

Housewife, pronounced in the ordinary way when it means the mistress of a house who is a good manager, but huz-wif, when it means a small case for needles.

Hymeneal, hy-men-e-al, not hy-menal.

Instead, in-sted, not instid.

Jalap, jal-ap, not jolup.

January, as spelled, not Jenuary nor Janewary.

Leave, as spelled, not leaf.

Legend, lej-end, not le-gend.

Lieutenant, lef-ten-ant, not leu-ten-ant.

Many, men-ney, not man-ny.

Marchioness, mar-shun-ess, not as spelled.

Massacre, mas-sa-ker, not mas-sa-cre.

Mattress, as spelled, not mat-trass.

Matron, ma-trun, not mat-ron.

Medicine, med-e-cin, not med-cin.

Minute (sixty seconds), min-it.

Minute (small), mi-nute.

Miscellany, mis-cel-lany, not mis-cellany.

Mischievous, mis-chiv-us, not mis-cheev-us.

Ne'er, for never, nare.

Neighbourhood, nay-bur-hood, not nay-bur-wood.

Nephew, nev-u, not nef-u.

New, nu, not noo.

Notable (worthy of notice), no-ta-bl.

Oblige, as spelled, not obleege.

Oblique, ob-leek, not o-blike.

Odorous, o-der-us, not od-ur-us.

Of, ov, except when compounded with there, here, and where, which should be pronounced here- of, there-of, and where-of.

Off, as spelt, not awf.

Organization, or-gan-i-za-shun, not or-ga-ne-za-shun.

Ostrich, os-trich, not os-tridge.

Pageant, paj-ent, not pa-jant.

Parent, pare-ent, not par-ent.

Partisan, par-te-zan, not par-te-zan, nor par-ti-zan.

Patent, pa-tent, not pat-ent.

Physiognomy, as fiz-i-og-nomy, not physionnomy.

Pincers, pin-cerz, not pinch-erz.

Plaintiff, as spelled, not plan-tiff.

Pour, pore, not so as to rhyme with our.

Precedent (an example), pres-e-dent; pre-ce-dent (going before in point of time, previous, former), is the pronunciation of the adjective.

Prologue, pro-log, not prol-og.

Quadrille, ka-dril, not quod-ril.

Quay, key, not as spelled.

Radish, as spelled, not red-ish.

Raillery, rail'-er-y, or ral-er-y, not as spelled.

Rather, rar-ther, not ray-ther.

Resort, re-sort.

Resound, re-zound.

Respite, res-pit, not as spelled.

Rout (a party; and to rout), should be pronounced rowt. Route (a road), root.

Saunter, sawn-ter, not sarn-ter or san-ter.

Sausage, saw-sage, not sos-sidge, nor sassage.

Schedule, shed-ule, not shed-dle.

Seamstress is pronounced seem-stress, but semp-stress, as the word is now commonly spelt, is pronounced sem-stress.

Sewer, soo-er or su-er, not shore, not shure.

Shire, as spelled, when uttered as a single word, but shortened into shir in composition.

Shone, shon, not shun, nor as spelled.

Soldier, sole-jer.

Solecism, sol-e-cizm, not so-le-cizm.

Soot as spelled, not sut.

Sovereign, sov-er-in, not suv-er-in.

Specious, spe-shus, not spesh-us.

Stomacher, stum-a-cher.

Stone (weight), as spelled, not stun.

Synod, sin-od, not sy-nod.

Tenure, ten-ure, not te-nure.

Tenet, ten-et, not te-net.

Than, as spelled, not thun.

Tremor, trem-ur, not tre-mor.

Twelfth, should have the th sounded.

Umbrella, as spelled, not um-ber-el-la.

Vase, vaiz or varz, not vawze.

Was, woz, not wuz.

Weary, weer-i, not wary.

Were, wer, not ware.

Wont, wunt, not as spelled.

Wrath, rawth, not rath: as an adjective it is spelled wroth, and pronounced with the vowel sound shorter, as wrath-ful, &c.

Yacht, you, not yat.

Yeast, as spelled, not yest.

Zenith, zen-ith, not ze-nith.

Zodiac, zo-de-ak.

Zoology should have both o's sounded, as zo-ol-o-gy, not zoo-lo-gy.

Note.--The tendency of all good elocutionists is to pronounce as nearly in accordance with the spelling as possible.


-ace not iss, as furnace, not furniss.

-age, not idge, as cabbage, courage, postage, village.

-ain, ane, not in, as certain, certane, not certin.

-ate, not it, as moderate, not moderit.

-ect, not ec, as aspect, not aspec; subject; not subjec.

-ed, not id, or ud, as wicked, not wickid, or wickud.

-el, not l, model, not modl; novel, not novl.

-en, not n, as sudden, not suddn.--Burden, burthen, garden, lengthen, seven, strengthen, often, and a few others, have the e silent.

-ence, not unce, as influence, not influ-unce.

-es, not is, as pleases, not pleasis.

-ile should be pronounced il, as fertil, not fertile, in all words except chamomile (cam), exile, gentile, infantile, reconcile, and senile, which should be pronounced ile.

-in, not n, as Latin, not Latn.

-nd, not n, as husband, not husban; thousand, not thousan.

-ness, not niss, as carefulness, not carefulniss.

-ng, not n, as singing, not singin; speaking, not speakin.

-ngth, not nth, as strength, not strenth.

-son, the o should be silent; as in treason, tre-zn, not tre-son.

-tal, not tle, as capital, not capitle; metal, not mettle; mortal, not mortle; periodical, not periodicle.

-xt, not x, as next, not nex.

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