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519. Gargles.

These are remedies used to stimulate chronic sore throats, or a relaxed state of the swallow, or uvula.

520. Andulated.--Mix one part of white vinegar with three parts of honey of roses, and twenty-four of barley water. Use in chronic inflammation of the throat, malignant sore throat, &c.

521. Astringent.--Take two drachms of roses and mix with eight ounces of boiling wate, infuse for one hour, strain, and add one drachm of alum and one ounce of honey of roses. Use for severe sore throat, relaxed uvula, &c.

522. For Salivation.--Mix from one to four drachms of bruised gall-nuts with a pint of boiling wate, and infuse for two hours, then strain and sweeten.

523. Tonic and Stimulant.--Mix six ounces of decoction of bark with two ounces or tincture of myrrh, and half a drachm of diluted sulphuric acid. Use in scorbutic affections.

524. Alum.--Dissolve one drachm of alum in fifteen ounces of water, then add half an ounce of treacle, and one drachm of diluted sulphuric acid. Use as an astringent.

525. Myrrh.--Add six drachms of tincture of myrrh to seven ounces of infusion of linseed, and then add one drachm of diluted sulphuric acid. Use as a detergent.

526. For Slight Inflammation of the Throat.--Add one drachm of sulphuric ether to half an ounce of syrup of marsh-mallows, and six ounces of barley water. This may be used frequently.

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