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650. Prescriptions. [To be used in the Cases enumerated under the head "Diseases" (page 112).] [¶.589]

651. The following prescriptions, originally derived from various prescribers' Pharmacopœias, embody the favourite remedies employed by the most eminent physicians:-

1. Take of powdered aloes, nine grains; extract of colocynth, compound, eighteen grains; calomel, nine grains; mucilage, sufficient to make a mass, which is to be divided into six pills; two to be taken every twenty-four hours, till they act thoroughly on the bowels: in cases of inflammation, apoplexy, &c.

2. Powdered rhubarb, Socotrine aloes, and gum mastic, each one scruple; make into twelve pills: one before and one after dinner.

3. Compound extract of colocynth, extract of jalap, and Castile soap, of each one scruple; make into twelve pills.

4. James's powder, five grains; calomel, three grains; in fevers, for adults. For children, the following:- Powdered camphor, one scruple; calomel and powdered scammony, of each nine grains; James's powder, six grains; mix, and divide into six powders. Half of one powder twice a day for an infant a year old; a whole powder for two years; and for four years, the same three times a day.

5. James's powder, six grains; powdered jalap, ten grains; mix, and divide into three or four powders, according to the child's age: in one powder for an adult.

6. Powdered rhubarb, four grains; mercury and chalk, three grains; ginger in powder, one grain: an alternative aperient for children.

7. Dried sulphate of magnesia, six drachms; sulphate of soda, three drachms; infusion of senna, seven ounces; tincture of jalap, and compound tincture of cardamoms, each half an ounce: in acute diseases generally; take two tablespoonfuls every four hours till it operates freely.

8. Nitrate of potass, one drachm and a half; spirits of nitric ether, half an ounce; camphor mixture, and the spirit of mindererus, each four ounces: in fevers, &c.; two tablespoonfuls, three times a day, and for children a dessert-spoonful every four hours.

9. Spirit of nitric ether, three drachms; dilute nitric acid; two drachms; syrup, three drachms; camphor mixture, seven ounces; in fevers, &c., with debility; dose as in preceding prescription.

10. Decoction of broom, half a pint; cream of tartar, one ounce, tincture of squills, two drachms: in dropsies; a third part three times a day.

11. Pills of soap and opium, five grains for a dose, as directed.

12. Ammoniated tincture of valerian, six drachms; camphor mixture, seven ounces; a fourth part three times a day; in spasmodic and hysterical disorders.

13. Disulphate of quina, half a drachm; dilute sulphuric acid, twenty drops; compound infusion of roses, eight ounces; two tablespoonfuls every four hours, in intermittent and other fevers, during the absence of the paroxysm.

14. Almond mixture seven ounces and a half; wine of antimony and ipecacuanha, of each one drachm and a half: a tablespoonful every four hours; in cough with fever, &c.

15. Calomel, one grain; powdered white sugar, two grains; to make a powder to be placed on the tongue every two or three hours. Should the calomel act on the bowels, powdered kino is to be substituted for the sugar.

16. Antimony and ipecacuanha wines, of each an ounce; a teaspoonful every ten minutes for a child till vomiting is produced; but for an adult a large tablespoonful should be taken.

17. Compound infusion of roses, seven ounces; tincture of myrrh, one ounce.

18. Infusion of orange peel, seven ounces; tincture of hops, half an ounce; and a drachm of carbonate of soda: two tablespoonfuls twice a day. Or, infusion of valerian, seven ounces; carbonate of ammonia, two scruples; compound tincture of bark, six drachms; spirits of ether, two drachms: one tablespoonful every twenty-four hours.

19. Blue pill, four grains; opium, half a grain: to be taken three times a day.

20. For a Clyster.--A pint and a half of gruel or fat broth, a tablespoonful of castor oil, one of common salt, and a lump of butter; mix, to be injected slowly. A third of this quantity is enough for an infant.

21. Chalk mixture, seven ounces; aromatic and opiate confection, of each one drachm; tincture of catechu, six drachms: two tablespoonfuls every two hours.

22. Carbonate of soda, powdered rhubarb, and Castile soap, each one drachm; make thirty-six pills; three twice a day.

23. Lotion.--Common salt, one ounce; distilled water, seven ounces; spirits of wine, one ounce: mix.

24. Dried sulphate of magnesia, six drachms; heavy carbonate of magnesia, two drachme; wine of colchicum, two drachms; water, eight ounces: take two tablespoonfuls every four hours.

25. Compound powder of ipecacuanha, ten grains; powdered guaiacum, four grains: in a powder at bedtime.

26. Brandish's solution of potash; thirty drops twice a day in a wineglass of beer.

27. Disulphate of quina, half a drachm; dilute sulphuric acid, ten drops; compound infusion of roses, eight ounces: two tablespoonfuls every four hours, and as a tomic in the stage of weakness succeeding fever.

28. Flowers of sulphur, two ounces; hog's lard, four ounces; white hellebore powder, half an ounce; oil of lavender, sixty drops.

29. Hydriodate of potass, two drachms; distilled water, eight ounces.

30. Flowers of sulphur, half a drachm; carbonate of soda, a scruple; tartarized antimony, one- eighth of a grain: one powder, night and morning, in eruptions of the skin or face.

31. Milk of bitter almonds, seven ounces; bichloride of mercury, four grains; spirits of rosemary, one ounce: bathe the eruption with this lotion three times a day.

32. Sulphate of zinc, two scruples; sugar of lead, fifteen grains; distilled water, six ounces: the parts to be washed ith the lotion two or three times a day.

33. Carbonate of iron, six grains; powdered rhubarb, four grains: one powder night and morning.

34. Elecampane powder, two ounces; sweet fennel-seed powder, three ounces; black pepper powder, one ounce; purified honey, and brown sugar, of each two ounces; the size of a nutmeg, two or three times a day.

35. Sulphate of zinc, twelve grains; wine of opium, one drachm; rose water, six ounces.

36. Sulphate of magnesia, six drachms; sulphate of iron, ten grains; diluted sulphuric acid, forty drops; tincture of cardamoms (compound), half an ounce; water, seven ounces: a fourth part night and morning.

37. Decoction of oak bark, a pint; dried alum, half an ounce: for an injection, a syringeful to be used night and morning.

38. Compound gamboge pill, and a pill of assafœtida and aloes, of each half a drachm: make twelve pills; two twice or three times a week.

39. Griffiths' mixture--one tablespoonful three times a day.

40. Ergot of rye, five grains; in a powder, to be taken every four hours. This should only be taken under medical advice and sanction.

41. Powdered opium, half a grain; camphor, two grains in a pill; to be taken every three or four hours whilst in pain.

42. Syrup of balsam of tolu, two ounces; the muriate of morphia, two grains; muriatic acid, twenty drops; a teaspoonful a day.

43. Salts of tartar, two scruples, twenty grains of powdered cochineal; ¼lb. of honey; water, half a pint; boil, and give a tablespoonful three times a day.

44. Calomel, ten grains; Castile soap, extract of jalap, extract of colocynth, of each one scruple; oil of juniper, five drops: make into fifteen pills; one three times a day.

45. Infusion of oragne peel, eight ounces; carbonate of soda, one drachm; and compound tincture of cardamoms, half an ounce; take a tablespoonful three times a day, succeeding the pills.

46. Carbonate of iron, three ounces; syrup of ginger, sufficient to make an electuary: a teaspoonful three times a day.

47. Take of Castile soap, compound extract of colocynth, compound rhubarb pill, and the extract of jalap, each one scruple; oil of caraway, ten drops; make into twenty pills, and take one after dinner every day whilst necessary.

48. Spirit of rosemary, five parts; spirit of wine, or spirit of turpentine, one part.

49. Take of thick mucilage, one ounce; castor oil, twelve drachms; make into an emulsion: add mint water, four ounces; spirit of nitre, three drachms; laudanum, one drachm; mixture of squills, one drachm; and syrup, seven drachms; mix; two tablespoonfuls every six hours.

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