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195. Of Provincial Brogues it is scarcely necessary to say much, as the foregoing advice applies to them. One militiaman exclaimed to another, "Jim, you bain't in step" "Bain't I?" exclaimed the other; "well, change yourn!" Whoever desires knowledge must strive for it. It must not be dispensed with after the fashion of Tummus and Jim, who held the following dialogue upon a vital question:- Tummus. "I zay, Jim, be you a purfectionist?" Jim. "E'as I be." Tummus. "Wall, I zay, Jim, what be purfection?" Jim. "Loa'r, Tummus, doan't 'ee knaw?" Jim. "Wall, I doan't knaw as I can tell 'ee, Tummus, vur I doan't ezakerly knaw mysel' !"