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491. Cowhage.--Mix in treacle as much of the fine hairs or spiculæ of cowhage as the treacle will take up. Dose, a teaspoonful every morning and evening. Use as an anthelmintic.

492. Senna Confection. No. 1--Take of senna, powdered, four ounces; figs, half a pound; cassia pulp, tamarind pulp, and the pulp of prunes, each four ounces; coriander seeds, powdered, two ounces; liquorice root, one ounce and a half; sugar, one pound and a quarter; water, one pint and a half. Rub the senna with the coriaber, and separate, by sifting, five ounces of the mixture. Boil the water, with the figs and liquorice added, until it is reduced to one half; then press out and strain the liquor. Evaporate the strained liquor in a jar by boiling until twelve fluid ounces remain; then add the sugar, and make a syrup. Now mix the pulps with the syrup, add the sifted powder, and mix well. Use as a purgative.