From the Colonel's Regiment

number of missions 6 (Mission 1 Image:22px-Flag_of_France.svg.png Image:Colonel.pngImage:Colonel.png1 Paris, Mission 2 Image:22px-Flag_of_Ireland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png2 Dublin, Mission 3 Image:22px-Flag_of_Sweden.svg.png Image:Colonel.png3 Stockholm, Mission 5 Image:22px-Flag_of_Italy.svg.png Image:Colonel.png5 Genoa, Mission 7 Image:22px-Flag_of_Spain.svg.png Image:Colonel.pngImage:Colonel.png7 Barcelona, Mission 10 Image:20px-Flag_of_Switzerland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png10 Z├╝rich)
missions commanded 1 (Mission 7 Image:22px-Flag_of_Spain.svg.png Image:Colonel.pngImage:Colonel.png7 Barcelona)
destinations selected Image:22px-Flag_of_Italy.svg.png Florence, Image:22px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg.png Scottish Highlands, Image:22px-Flag_of_France.svg.png Image:Alan-Shearer.png 5 Toulouse, Image:22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Image:Colonel.png18 Berlin, Image:22px-Flag_of_Spain.svg.png Image:Colonel.pngImage:Colonel.png7 Barcelona, Image:22px-Flag_of_Denmark.svg.png Image:Colonel.png23 Copenhagen, Image:22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Image:Colonel.png18 Berlin, Image:20px-Flag_of_Switzerland.svg.png Bern, Image:22px-Flag_of_Poland.svg.png Warsaw, Image:22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Image:Colonel.png18 Berlin, Image:22px-Flag_of_Hungary.svg.png Image:Colonel.png21 Budapest,--
average finishing position in draws 4.91 (--,6,4,1,3,1,6,4,4,7,7,11,--,--,--,--)
best finish in a draw 1st (twice, Mission 4 Image:22px-Flag_of_Austria.svg.png Image:Colonel.png4 Salzburg and Mission 6 Image:22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Image:Colonel.png6 Heidelberg)
worst finish in a draw 11th (Mission 12 Image:22px-Flag_of_Finland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png12 Helsinki)

Amal would have to be credited with some of the best one-liners so far on the Colonel's breaks. His cries of "Where the f**k's the Liffey?", "Guys let's worship!", "Ice, f***ing hell!", "That's too much Steve, too generous!" and "Have you guys ever been to a museum and not just whizzed straight through?" all on Mission 1 Image:22px-Flag_of_France.svg.png Image:Colonel.pngImage:Colonel.png1 Paris and "Basically they f**ked us at that last place" on Mission 5 Image:22px-Flag_of_Italy.svg.png Image:Colonel.png5 Genoa were moments of inspiration. He is also a man for which disgruntlement is no stranger and he famously staged a walkout of the National Museum of Dublin as it was, "boring as s**te". Amal was delighted to see Sophie Aldred in Image:22px-Flag_of_Sweden.svg.png Image:Colonel.png3 Stockholm, perhaps his finest moment on a Colonel's break thus far. He shocked the regiment when he declared that he was going to Sri Lanka during Mission 4 Image:22px-Flag_of_Austria.svg.png Image:Colonel.png4 Salzburg and would be unable to attend. He is also the only original Colonel's man to have missed the inaugural Colonel's meal in Image:22px-Flag_of_France.svg.png Image:Colonel.pngImage:Colonel.png1 Paris, having to return home for work before the visit to the pizza place when Image:22px-Flag_of_Ireland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png2 Dublin was selected as the destination for mission 2. Unfortunately, he has a history of choosing mainly bad destinations.