Grosser Vass

From the Colonel's Regiment

Number of missions 16 (Mission 6 Image:22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Image:Colonel.png6 Heidelberg, Mission 7 Image:22px-Flag_of_Spain.svg.png Image:Colonel.pngImage:Colonel.png7 Barcelona, Mission 8 Image:22px-Flag_of_Norway.svg.png Image:Colonel.png8 Oslo, Mission 9 Image:22px-Flag_of_the_Netherlands.svg.png Image:Colonel.png9 Amsterdam, Mission 10 Image:20px-Flag_of_Switzerland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png10 Zürich, Mission 11 Image:22px-Flag_of_Poland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png11 Gdańsk, Mission 12 Image:22px-Flag_of_Finland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png12 Helsinki, Mission 13 Image:22px-Flag_of_Iceland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png13 Image:Alan-Shearer.png 25 Reykjavík, Mission 14 Image:22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Image:Colonel.png14 Hanover, Mission 15 Image:20px-Flag_of_Switzerland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png15 Geneva, Mission 16 Image:22px-Flag_of_Greece.svg.png Image:Colonel.png16 Athens, Mission 17 Image:22px-Flag_of_Portugal.svg.png Image:Colonel.png17 Porto, Mission 18 Image:22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Image:Colonel.png18 Berlin, Mission 19 Image:22px-Flag_of_Malta.svg.png Image:Colonel.png19 Valletta, Mission 24 Image:22px-Flag_of_the_Netherlands.svg.png Image:Colonel.png24 Arnhem, Mission 26 Image:22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Image:Alan-Shearer.png 21 Image:Colonel.png26 Garmisch-Partenkirchen)
Missions commanded 0
Gets a destination 1/3 of the time (unless affected by Gløgg)
Destinations selected Image:22px-Flag_of_Austria.svg.png Vienna (Mission 11 Image:22px-Flag_of_Poland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png11 Gdańsk), Image:22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Image:Colonel.png18 Berlin (Mission 13 Image:22px-Flag_of_Iceland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png13 Image:Alan-Shearer.png 25 Reykjavík), Image:22px-Flag_of_Malta.svg.png Image:Colonel.png19 Valletta (Mission 18 Image:22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Image:Colonel.png18 Berlin), Image:22px-Flag_of_Ireland.svg.png Ireland, Image:22px-Flag_of_Austria.svg.png Vienna, Image:22px-Flag_of_Austria.svg.png Vienna, Image:22px-Flag_of_Liechtenstein.svg.png Liechtenstein
Draw privilege Grosser Vass's making grosser round
Average finishing position in draws 7.57 (--,--,--,--,--,--,--,--,--,--,8,--,4,--,--,--,--,10,3,--,9,11,8,--)
Best finish in a draw 3rd (Mission 19 Image:22px-Flag_of_Malta.svg.png Image:Colonel.png19 Valletta)
Worst finish in a draw 11th (Mission 23 Image:22px-Flag_of_Denmark.svg.png Image:Colonel.png23 Copenhagen)
Preceding mascot Shaft
Following mascot Gløgg

Grosser Vass joined the Colonel's Regiment on Mission 6 Image:22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Image:Colonel.png6 Heidelberg. He was purchased from the Heidelberg Christmas market for two Euros. Initially, the Colonel's Regiment were unsure whether he was a sheep or a pig but have now decided he is a sheep (he baas when squeezed). He is friends with the Little Lucky Leprechaun and hence not favoured by Shaft and Kurt. He sports the largest grin ever seen on a sheep and was named in honour of the Grosses Fass.

Grosser Vass's making grosser round

Grosser Vass's making grosser round is part of the draw. A hat is perpared containing

  • all absent Colonel's Men
  • all mascots who have destinations at this point
  • twice as many blank tiles as the total above, to give a one in three chance that a destination will be pulled out.

If a destination is pulled out, Grosser Vass takes it as its destination, so it is placed in the draw an extra time.

Interaction with Gløgg

If Gløgg bums Grosser Vass, three times as many blank tiles are used as destinations, reducing the chance to 1/4.

If Grosser Vass is helped, only one set of blank tiles is used, raising the chance to 1/2.


Mission Engrossered Destination Beneficiary of Engrosserage Notes
Mission 11 Image:22px-Flag_of_Poland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png11 Gdańsk Image:22px-Flag_of_Austria.svg.png Vienna P.C. Bourne
Mission 13 Image:22px-Flag_of_Iceland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png13 Image:Alan-Shearer.png 25 Reykjavík Image:22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Image:Colonel.png18 Berlin Chris
Mission 18 Image:22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Image:Colonel.png18 Berlin Image:22px-Flag_of_Malta.svg.png Image:Colonel.png19 Valletta David Eventual winner
Mission 19 Image:22px-Flag_of_Malta.svg.png Image:Colonel.png19 Valletta Image:22px-Flag_of_Ireland.svg.png Ireland Little Lucky Leprechaun
Mission 22 Image:22px-Flag_of_Portugal.svg.png Image:Colonel.png22 Lisbon Image:22px-Flag_of_Austria.svg.png Vienna Reardon Helped by Gløgg

On other missions, Grosser Vass was not invoked.