Rolling maul

From the Colonel's Regiment

A Rolling Maul.

Rolling mauls in rugby union occur when players pack together into a maul and the ball is passed backwards through the players hands to one at the rear, who rolls off the side to change the direction of the drive. This tactic can be extremely effective in gaining ground and takes great skill and technique both to do properly and to try to prevent.

Combining their great skill at rugby union, Amal, Chris, David and Mike formed a rolling maul on the Uetliberg in Image:20px-Flag_of_Switzerland.svg.png Image:Colonel.png10 Z├╝rich, in an effort to keep warm and survive the harsh winds on the mountain top. Each member of the maul could only survive brief moments at the front, as the blizzard conditions lacerated their faces. They are convinced that the rolling maul is the only thing that kept them alive. The Irish Rugby Union team are masters of the rolling maul.