is my place for random projects, diversions and works-in-progress. It’s intended to be a more free-form sister website to, but so far real life has got in the way of me completing anything substantial enough to put up over there.

I live in east London, play piano and concertina, enjoy hiking, spicy food and craft beer, and have strong opinions about meaning, understanding and learning.

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I help organizations to keep their products and processes understandable. Sometimes this means improving and reimagining documentation and training offerings; sometimes this means adding structure and rationality to product requirements; sometimes it means retconning principles out of existing code; sometimes it means working within the organization to improve institutional knowledge and confidence in the way things work.

I can be contacted through LinkedIn or at the addresses below.

Lowbury Hill, above the Ridgeway, is over 1300m from the nearest metalled road, which is unusual for Oxfordshire. There are red kites there.