Nearing the corner of Clissold Park I turn left at the New River Cafe, which is not an updated River Cafe, but rather marks the New River which flows culverted beneath. Avoided by newer buildings, the channel slices across the street plan to provide a little space for allotments. Cut the city, and it bleeds the field.

The New River


Along Petherton Road Victorian developers brokered a compromise. The grassed-over channel became a median, a desirable garden feature. Its trees still protect residents from the gaze of their neighbours.

The river itself has a few more miles left, will cross the Regent's Canal at the Angel and run as far as Sadler's Wells, but these places are off the map. What remains of today belongs to the Snooty Fox and Canonbury station, Stratford and home.

North to Har­ing­ey

West to Ley­ton