The New Exchange

The New Exchange comes from the very first edition of Playford's Dancing-Master, published in 1651.

By the fourth edition of 1670 it's gained a second title, Durham Stable, and the minor/modal key signature has been dropped. I ended up playing it in a minor way, but with an F sharp, which doesn't quite match any of the published editions, because I got muddled.

The New Exchange was an early shopping mall, with two levels, each housing a central corridor flanked by shops. Now the site is occupied by a Topshop and a Pizza Hut. The road having been widened, the frontages of these shops run roughly where the central corridor had been.

Since the tune is only four bars long, I've paired it with "An Old Man Is A Bed Full Of Bones":

I will try to find something a bit more modern in the next video, but tunes from later eras tend not to be named after places in London, which for the minute is as far as I can go.