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"Enquire Within" is deeply indebted for past favours to, and anxious to obtain the cordial and warm recommendation of, its friends in all parts of the World. Cheapness and varied usefulness are its prominent characteristics. Within a few years more than


This new and revised Edition has been brought out with the intention of its being still more worthy of success. No really useful part has been omitted. The Classification has been improved, in accordance with many friendly suggestions, and Additions have been made, both modern and interesting.

Homoeopathy, the favourite game of Lawn Tennis, and other Outdoor and Indoor Amusements, have been added; with Instructions in Fancy Needlework of all kinds for Ladies. Enquirers on the laws of Landlord and Tenant, Husband and Wife, Debtor and Creditor, are supplied with the latest information. Diseases and their Remedies, and Medicines, their Uses and Doses, have received special attention. The Index has been considerably extended, and with the aid of this, and the Summary of Contents, it is hoped that no Enquirer will fail to receive complete and satisfactory replies from


The "Enquire Within" and "Reason Why" Series now comprises Twenty-seven Volumes, containing upwards of Seven Thousand pages of closely printed matter. They are entirely original in plan, and executed with the most conscientious care. The Indexes have been prepared with great labour, and alone occupy above 500 pages. A vast Fund of valuable Information, embracing every Subject of Interest or Utility, is thus attainable, and at a merely nominal Cost.

These Works are in such general demand, that the Sale has already reached considerably upwards of


The attention of all parties interested in the dissemination of sound Theoretical Instruction and Practical Knowledge is particularly directed to the Twenty-seven Volumes in this Series of Popular and Valuable Books.

1-3. "Daily Wants, The Dictionary of," containing nearly 1,200 pages of Information upon all matters of Practical and Domestic Utility. Above 112,000 copies have been sold.

4-7. "Useful Knowledge, The Dictionary of," a Book of Reference upon History, Geography, Science, Statistics, &c. A companion Work to the "Dictionary of Daily Wants."

8 & 9. "Medical and Surgical Knowledge, The Dictionary of," a Complete Practical Guide on Health and Disease, for Families, Emigrants, and Colonists.

10. "Enquire Within upon Everything."

11. "The Reason Why, Christian Denominations," giving the Origin, History, and Tenets of the Christian Sects, with the Reasons assigned by themselves for their Specialities of Faith and forms of Worship.

12. "The Reason Why, Physical Geography and Geology," containing upwards of 1,200 Reasons, explanatory of the Physical Phenomena of Earth and Sea, their Geological History, and the Geographical distribution of Plants, Animals, and the Human Race.

13. "The Reason Why, Biblical and Sacred History," a Family Guide to Scripture Readings, and a Handbook for Biblical Students.

14. "The Reason Why, General Science," giving Hundreds of Reasons for things which, though generally received, are imperfectly understood. This Volume has reached a sale of 48,000.

15. "The Reason Why, Historical," designed to simplify the study of English History.

16. "The Reason Why, Natural History," giving Reasons for very numerous interesting Facts in connection with the Habits and Instincts of the various Orders of the Animal Kingdom.

17. "The Reason Why, Gardening and Farming," giving some Thousands of Reasons for various Facts and Phenomena in reference to the Cultivation and Tillage of the Soil.

18. "The Reason Why, Housewife's Science," affording to the Manager of Domestic Affairs intelligible Reasons for the various duties she has to superintend or to perform.

19. "Journey of Discovery all Round our House; or, the Interview," with copious Information on Domestic Matters.

20. "The Practical Housewife and Family Medical Guide," a Series of Instructive Papers on Cookery, Food, Treatment of the Sick, &c., &c.

21. "The Family Save-all," a System of Secondary Cookery with Hints for Economy in the use of Articles of Household Consumption.

22. "Notices to Correspondents," a Work full of curious Information on all Subjects, gathered from actual Answers to Correspondents of various Magazines and Newspapers.

23. "The Corner Cupboard," containing Domestic Information, Needlework Designs, and Instructions for the Aquarium, &c.

24. "Life Doubled by the Economy of Time," and "How a Penny became a Thousand Pounds." The first of these teaches the Value of Moments, and shows how Life may be abridged by a careless indifference to trifles of time; the second pursues a similar argument with reference to Money.

25 & 26. "Wonderful Things;" affording interesting descriptions of the Wonders of all Nations, with Illustrations.

27. "The Historical Finger-post," giving briefly, but clearly, the meaning and origin of hundreds of Terms, Phrases, Epithets, Cognomens, Allusions, &c., in connection with History, Politics, Theology, Law, Commerce, Literature, Army and Navy, Arts and Sciences, Geography, Tradition, National, Social, and Personal Characteristics, &c.