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Of the wysdome and ordynaunce of a kynge.

It is behovefull and ryght that the good fame of a kynge, be in honourable scyence and worthynesse (throughout al realmes) to be shed frome his realme, and have communycacyon of theyr wyse councel with his. And therby he shall be praysed, honoured, & doubted of his subgectes, whan they se that he speketh and doth his werkes wysely. For easely is perceyved the wysdome or foly of a kynge, for whan he governeth hym in worthynesse towarde his subgectes, he is worthy to reygne honourably. But he that putteth his realme in servytude or thraldom, of evyll customes, he breketh the way of veryte. And dyspyseth the good way and lawe of god. And at the last be dyspraysed of all folkes, as he hath deserved.

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