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Of the pourveyaunce of a kynge.

It behoveth that a wyse kynge thynke often of thynges to come that he may provyde for suche thynges as be contrary to hym. And that he may the easlyer bere the adversytees and contrary adventures. And the kyng ought to be wysely hyd, & refreyned, to thende that without delyberacyon he come not to the dede that he purposed in his anger. And he ought reasonably knowlege his anger and errour, and appease hym selfe easely. For the moost soverayne wysdome and vertue that a kynge may have, is to rule himselfe wysely. And whan he seeth ony thynge that is good and prouffytable for hym to be done, he sholde do it with grete dylygence, & dyscrecyon bycause the people shal not say that he hath done his besynesse folysshely, or to neglygently.

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