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Of the worldly desyres of a kynge.

Alexander ryght worthy sone, coveyt not alwayes worldly thynges, for they be corruptyble. And thynke that thou must leave all. Demaunde than suche thynges as can not be corrupte. That is the lyfe that can not chaunge and the relme perdurable. And reyse thy thoughts in goodnesse, and therin kepe the stronge & gloryous. And leave the lyfe of bestes that alwaye lyve in theyr fylthynesse. Beleve not lyghtly al thynge that is tolde to the. And be not enclyned to pardon them, agaynst whome thou hast had vyctory. And thynke of the tyme & of thynges that may happen. For thou knowest what is to come. And set not thy desyres in meates & drynkes, in lechery, nor to moche slepe, nor in carnall desyres.

tashid 2001-09-09