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Of the knowlege of the sayd paynes.

O moost lovynge sone, of all suche paynes with the knowlege therof, wyte thou that I have sene moche harme, and many evylles oftentymes come therby. Do soo that thou mayst have in thy mynde the dedes or werkes of poetes. And thynke how they have lyved. And therby thou mayst se and lerne many goodly examples. And theyre thoughtes shal gyve the grete documentes in tyme comynge. And also I pray the my dere sone, that thou greve nor dysprayse none lesser than thou. For it happeneth often that the small estate ryseth ryght soone in to grete rychesses and honoures, and may be so myghty that he maye endomage the. Many examples therof hath ben seen as phylosophres reherse.

tashid 2001-09-09