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Of studye.

Take hede that thou have studyes and scoles in thy cytees. And cause all thy people to lerne theyr chyldren lettres and noble scyences, and use them to studye. For thou ought to helpe and socoure the governayle of studyes and poore scolers. And gyve avauntages and prerogatyves to good studyentes that proufyte to theyr lernynge, and this wyse thou shalt gyve an example to them that be laye, exalte theyr prayers and receyve theyr wrytynge mekely, prayse them that ought to be worshipped. Gyve thy goodes to them that be worthy. Cherysshe clerkes and styre them to prayse the. And put the and thy werkes in goodly wrytynges, which by them shalbe perpetually praysed.

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