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Of the governayle of helth.

Helthe amonge all thynges is to be goten and hath more than ony myght of rychesses. For the kepyng of helth is by usynge of equal thyngs conjoyned to the body, as by attemperance of humoures. For the gloryous god hath ordeyned them, and gyven dyvers remedyes to the attemperaunce of the humoures to the kepyng of helth. And hath shewed it to his holy men and prophetes, & to many other Just men whiche he dyde chuse and enlumyned with the holy goost, in his sapyence dyvyne, and myghty. And hath gyven them the gyftes of the scyence, of these thynges here after folowynge. That is to wyte they of Ynde, of Grece, and of Athenes. Whiche phylosophres were Just and perfyte, and theyr wrytynges were the begynnynge of scyence & secretes. For in theyr wrytynges is nothynge founde to be reproved nor splyt, but approved of all wyse men.

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