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Of dyvers meates for the stomake.

Whan the body is fat & full of vapours grosse meates is good for it. & of the nourysshyng of suche a body, the dygestyon is grosse, & of grete quantyte for the great heate, & vapours of the the body. And whan the bodye is sklender & drye, subtyll & moyste meates be good for it. And the dygestion therof is of smal quantyte for the stryctnesses of the conduytes. And it is grete wysdome & scyence for a man to use suche meates as been good & appertenent to his complexyon, that is to wyte yf he fedde hym with hote meates temperatly. But yf the heate be to grevous & brennynge within the body by over stronge wynes & hote meates, or other accydentes, than contrary meates & drynkes wyl do grete ease & prouffyte, that is to wyte suche as ben colde.

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