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Of prymtyme, and what it is.

The prymtyme is hote & moyst temperatly as the ayre. This season the blode moeveth and spredeth to all the membres of the body, and the body is parfayte in temperate complexyon. In this season chekyns, kyddes, and poched egges ought to be eaten, with letuses & gotes mylke in these thre monethes. Prymetyme begynneth whan the sonne entreth the syne of Aryes and lasteth .xcii. dayes, an houre and a halfe fro the .x. day of Marche to the .x. day of June. In this season is the best letyng of blode of ony tyme. And than is good to travayle and to be laxatyfe. And to be bathed. And to eate suche thynges as wyll purge the bely. For all dyseases that cometh, eyther by purgyng or bledynge, retorneth anone in this prymetyme.

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