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Of thynges that leaneth the body.

These ben the thynges that maketh the body to be leane, weyke, and drye: to moche eatyne, to moche travelynge, to moche walkynge in the sone, to moche goyng, to moche slepyng afore noone, melancoly, feare, to bathe in water of the nature of brymstone, eatynge salt meates, to moche drynkynge of olde wyne, to be to laxe, and overmoche letyne of blode. For Ypocras sayth that he that batheth him with a full bely, or lyeth with a woman shal have sykenesse in his entrayles. And also to renne, or to ryde, or to moche travayle after meat bredeth a grete dysease called palsey. And moche eatyng of fysshe, or mylke and wyne togyder Ypocras sayth it wyl make one lazar.

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