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Of the fyrst parte of the body.

Of the .iiij. partes of the body the head is the fyrst. For in the heed gadreth all superfluytees, and evyll humoures, whiche thou shalt fele and knowe by these sygnes folowyng. The eyes ben troubled, the heryng is thycked & the nosestrylles ben stopped. Yf thou fele suche a dysease take an herbe called wormwood, and sethe it in swete wyne tyll the halfe be wasted, than holde it in thy mouth & wasshe it many tymes therwith tyl thou fele that it dooth the good, & eate whyte mustard sede powdred with thy meate. And yf thou do not thus thou mayst happen to have som dysease, & specyally in thyn eyes, in thy brayn, & in other partes of thy body.

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