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Of the seconde parte of the body.

The seconde parte of the body is the bulke. Yf dysease come there thou shalt knowe it by these sygnes folowynge. The tongue is lette, the mouthe is salt, bytter, & unsavery. The mouth of the stomake is sowre with grefe in all thy membres. It behoveth the to eate but lytel & to vomyte, than eate a lytel sugre of roses with aloes & take good comfortyng spyces & eate an electuary named Dionisium. And yf thou do not thus, thou mayst fal in dysease of the syde, of the raynes, & fevers, & specyally of the tongue wherby thou shalt not properly speke, & dyvers other maladyes. Decoccyon of ysope is good.

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