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Of the qualytees of meates.

Forthermore it is good that thou knowe the nature of meates, for some ben grosse, or cours, & some ben lyght & subtyle. The subtyle bredeth thynne blode, & good, as pure wheate, chekyns, & new layde egges. Grosse meates ben good for suche as ben of hote humoures, labourers, fastyng, and that slepe after meales. Meane meates bredeth no hote nor superfluous humours, as the flesshe of lambes, yonge porke, & other that ben hote and moyste, but suche meates chaunge often in rostynge to hardnesse, to heate, and dryenesse. And they ought to be eaten forthwith after the fostynge, and ben good yf they be so taken with good spyces. Some meates brede melancoly, as befe, cowes flesshe, and all flesshe that is cours and drye. Other that brede and fede in moyst and watry, & shadowy places ben more subtyle, better and holsomest.


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