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There was upon a tyme a chylde borne in the partyes of Ynde. In the hous where this chylde was borne were certayne wyse men lodged, whiche founde that the sayd childe was borne under such a constellacyon, planet, and sygne that he sholde be wyse, meke, courteys, amyable, fresshe of wytte, and sholde be loved of kynges & grete lordes. Whiche thynge they wolde not shew to the fader which was a wever. When the chyld came to aege the fader & moder set hym to theyr occupacion, but he coude never lerne for ony beatyng nor chastysement. At the last they lete him do as he lyst, & he set his mynde to lerne scyences, & the moevynges of the skyes, & of all thynges above nature. Also he lerned good condycyons & maners to the governaunce of prynces & kynges. And fynally by his wytte & wysdome he was ruler of all the countre.

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