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The maner of angre.

Thou oughtest not to be angry through thy brother or frende as shew the hevy chere somtyme, for peradventure he hath some cause wherfore he can shew the, nor none other good chere or countenaunce, and so it is with hym. And yf thou hast had ony wordes with ony man, and he shewe the yll countenaunce, therfore yet thou ought not to be angry with hym. For perchaunce he is too lewde or unwytty of hymselfe that he can do no better, and yet he weneth that he doth wel, for ever the lewdest sheweth moost anger. For whan a wyse man is angry, he sheweth it not outwarde by his reason. A man ought more to feare the anger of a wyse man than of a foole, for the wyse man can better revenge his angre than a foole, howbeit that a foles angre is often comberous.

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