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The maner to doubt and trust thyn enemy.

Whyther thyn enemy be stronge or weyke, thou ought not to doubt hym to moche, nor trust to moche to hym, for he that is overcome today, may be vyctour tomorow. And he that is vyctour today may be overthrowen to morow. And he that doubteth none, none will have doubt of hym. To moch doubt maketh to moch trust, and to moch trust maketh to moche domage. For he that bereth doubt alwaye with hym, hath a grete burden & payne. And he that trust in hym selfe, bereth his owne domage, and his dethe. For thou ought to doubt whan tyme is to doube, and to trust whan tyme is to trust.


tashid 2001-09-09