Add zero-width spaces to allow text to break at ་

This simple tool lets you use the modified Wylie system to create Unicode Tibetan in your browser. To use it, type the Wylie in lower case into the text box, and copy and paste the Tibetan that appears below. Click on the Tibetan to look it up in wikipedia (although there's not a lot there yet), or copy and paste it into your editor.

For Unicode encoded as HTML entities, copy and paste the tiny text beneath the box.

Pure Tibetan syllables are fully supported by this script. Sanskrit clusters may not work correctly. End a syllable with / for །. Use . to prevent stacking. For example:

gya gar yul red/ g.yag sems can red/ gya gar la g.yag mang po min 'dug/

This page is completely self-contained. You can save it to your hard disk if you find it useful.

Check Add zero-width spaces if you want lines to break at syllables. This adds real characters to the output, so don't use it for things like page titles, only body text. Hopefully text shaping engines will learn to break at ་ but at the moment they don't.